My Complexion Routine

I always get asked about what products I either use or would recommend for a medium-full coverage complexion, so I thought I would take a little time to take you guys through a little bit of my routine…. Please be aware there are some ‘before’ pictures included in this blog post – preferably read whilst not eating or around small children… It’s pretty scary! 


So first of all skincare…. Foundation/powders/concealers will only ever look as good as the skin underneath so definitely don’t miss this part out! I use the above products in the order they are laid out and they all make a huge difference to how my complexion will look!

The Before…. Eeeek 

The walking dead look unfortunately isn’t ‘in’ this year so bring on the foundation…. 

I used Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Deauville and applied it with a real techniques stippling brush. Apply all over the skin in a light buffing motion.  

Next, concealer…. I absolutely swear by Urban Decay naked skin complete coverage concealer. It stays all day but is still nice and hydrating. 

I use this down the bridge of my nose, top of my lip, on my chin, underneath the eyes and between my brows.

I then use a real techniques beauty blender (damp) to blend into the areas that are needed. This wil brighten the inner area of the face to give a little more depth and dimension.

I then powder my skin to set my base so that my bronzer/blusher applies a lot more even and doesn’t go patchy throughout the day.

I use the Bobbi brown pressed powder in pale yellow. This really help control shine and keep any redness at bay.

 I then finish by adding colour to the skin using blusher and bronzer… 
 The bronzer I use is Givenchy healthy glow powder in no.2.  The blusher I use is also Givenchy in Vintage Pink. 

This finishes the whole look. Nars foundation is a new addition to the routine and I’m still trying to figure whether it’s the right one for me.

Keep me posted on some of the bits you guys have been using!

In the city blogger X 


2 thoughts on “My Complexion Routine

  1. Really enjoyed reading this, I think I need to get myself a new set of brushes to apply foundation. I’m ashamed to say I don’t usually use one when applying foundation!!
    Any advice on a good night time face care routine? Thanks Jo! 🙂


    1. This is great news! Honestly if you introduce a foundation brush into your routine you will never look back! It helps with application and the way your foundation also lasts throughout that day… It does take a little getting used to especially if you are used to a sponge or using your fingers but stick with it!

      Good night time face routine…

      I remove my make up with a cleansing water and then wash my face with a different face wash…. When my skin is still damp I apply a clarins face oil for dehydrated skin (blue orchid oil) and then go to sleep…. Face oils are amazing for your skin!!

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