It’s all about the base…

Well….that’s true but only to a certain extent because it’s also about how you apply ‘that base’.

With so many tools on the market for applying foundation I thought I would help you guys out by reviewing them and giving you some feedback. Things I will be looking out for will be,

  • Ease of application.
  • How the coverage of the foundation looks after application
  • How it lasted on the skin.
  • Price point and where to buy.

I am going to start with the infamous,


  If you haven’t already used one of these/seen these everywhere then you are clearly reading the wrong blog. These little dome shaped sponges have taken the make up world by storm and I can see why! Firstly, they are super easy to use and can squish into any size make up bag. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the two above are by Real Techniques and Lottie Cosmetics, tboth of which can be found at SuperDrug. 

When I applied my foundation with these I used the larger area of the beauty blender (so the base of the dome if you like) pumping the foundation on the back of my hand I dabbed the beauty blender all over my complexion until I was happy with the coverage. I used the smaller points of the beauty blender to get into all the little ‘nooks and crannies’. 

Beauty Blenders provide more of a flawless coverage, I used a relatively lightweight foundation and I found it applied that to my skin with quite a full coverage finish, the foundation lasted all day, better than normal…..

HOWEVER…. And there’s always a ‘however’ it absorbed a lot of my product and I had to pump way more than I normally would do, which isn’t great considering I spend more money on foundation than I do food shopping. I also found the Lottie cosmetics beauty blender to be quite hard (the small pink one) however the Real Techniques beauty blender (orange) was much better but not small enough to conceal underneath my eyes.

The price point is fab as both were (I think) £6 and under which is brilliant for such a popular make up tool, however due to them absorbing so much product I would maybe just concentrate using beauty blenders for building coverage in areas you need with foundation or concealing underneath the eyes, not using it to apply foundation all over.

Stippling Brush


This brush is a stippling brush from Real Techniques. I tend not to use a lot of stippling brushes for application however I did like the look of this one….

Stippling brushes aren’t dense, they have a light feathered finish to them, usually with different lengths of bristles.

When applying my foundation with this I found it went on with ease but there was little precision with application so doing around my brows I had to take a little more time. 

The coverage of my foundation was very, very light using this brush therefore I think it might be better to apply tinted moisturiser or a BB cream with something like a stippling brush. I also found that my foundation didn’t last as long as it normally does and had issues with a few brush stroke marks left on the skin.

I do think this would be a good brush but for me I like a reasonably medium coverage and it just didn’t give me enough that lasted all day. I will definitely be packing this in my holiday case, it would be the perfect brush to apply soft primers, tinted moisturiser or BB creams.

I got this from SuperDrug for around £10.


My absolute favourite brush in the whole wide world!!  

 The clue is in the title really…. My foundation went on a little more full coverage than the normal light-medium which it usually is. 

It is the easiest brush ever to use as its bristles are really dense so almost feels more like a sponge on the skin than a foundation brush. It left no brush streaks/marks on my skin which is my absolute pet hate from foundation brushes. It’s compact in size so is easy to travel in my make up bag everywhere. 

My foundation lasted all day and I could really build it up to a full flawless finish, the only down side is the price point as I think it’s around £27 however that being said I know it will last me a long time….so look at it as more of an investment! You can pick it up from any Bobbi brown counter!


Unacceptable…. Just no. Not ever.

In The City x


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