Oh Sunday…..

🍂🍁🍃🍄🍂🍁How I have missed you….. Autumn Sunday’s are here 🍂🍁🍃🍄🍂🍁.

After the best nights sleep I have had in as long as I can remember, I woke up feeling ready to kick start my blog. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of my stories on travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

Sunday’s call for minimal make up, top knots and chunky knits (much to my boyfriends delight) so here’s my ‘I’m wearing make up but you would never know’ routine….

1. Lip Glow, Dior. Plumps, hydrates, colour adapts, gives my lips the perfect pout without even being able to tell I have anything on. 

2. Mister Radiant, Givenchy. Packed with vitamin E, gives the skin an immediate radiance with a beautiful sun kissed glow. Burst all the pearls on the back of your hand first then smooth onto the skin. The weightless water like gel instantly refreshes and feels super light.

3. Mister Light, Givenchy. 12 hours sleep in a tube…. LIFE SAVER! Apply underneath the eyes for an instant lift, or anywhere on the skin to conceal, colour correct and brighten.

4. Ombré Couture Beige Mousseline, Givenchy. Lots of people will conceal underneath the eye yet forget to conceal on top, this sometimes makes the bigger difference and I have come across no better product than this one! It unifies, evens, brightens, it’s waterproof and crease proof! Amazing underneath eyeshadow or just on its own.

5. Healthy Glow Powder, Givenchy. If like me you simply will not be satisfied with any skin tone bar a mix between Kim Kardashain and Jennifer Lopez then this is the bronzer for you. It’s a gel baked formula so it glides onto the skin with no powder effect at all! It also gives an amazing colour with the most perfect light reflective shine! 

…. I’m keeping it short and sweet as Sunday’s are for long walks in leafy parks and family time, which is exactly the plan for the rest of my day! Keep your eyes on my blog for future posts and have a fabulous day! XxX


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